Introducing the latest generations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift and Ceph Storage, help you shorten time to market, increase customer experience and at the same time save money by automating and optimising your infrastructure.

We will be covering our new generation of solutions for Datacenter, Hybrid- and Multi Cloud. Join us for an afternoon / day of insightful presentations and of course a chance to mingle and network.

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Time Tracks / Sessions
Architects, Managers & OPS Techies
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 - “The Intelligent OS”

How to benefit from the new features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Architects and Managers will get insight in the benefits and considerations introduced to leverage the new features. Topics covered, The intelligent OS, Improved manageability, Security features, Competency building & how to leverage Red Hat Enterprise Linux when moving to a Hybrid or Multi cloud setup. Faster time to market while lowering TCO.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0.

Get up to speed on Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux ® 8.0 the new Intelligent OS. We will explain and demo some of the new features and improvements including:
- Insights - avoid unplanned downtime
- AppStream and modules - make multiple major versions of applications available for installation
- Cockpit - perform administration tasks from a web browser
- Composer - create custom Red Hat Enterprise Linux images
- Stratis - manage storage simply and easily
- Session recording - record and playback activity that occurs on the command line
- Boom boot manager - allows for the system to boot off an LVM snapshot
- Inplace upgrades - upgrade from RHEL7 to RHEL8
- RHEL 8 Training

14:00 Break
OpenShift Container Platform 4 - “Next generation OS”

The world’s most adopted container platform just got better! OpenShift 4 introduces deployment and update automation, over the air updates and a lot of other features that will further reduce your time to market, TCO and management efforts. It is the perfect application runtime environment for Data Center deployments as well as, Public- / Hybrid- and Multi Cloud.

OpenShift Container Platform 4.0

Get updated on some new functionality in OpenShift 4 which now offers fully automated day-1 and day-2 operations for Kubernetes - in areas of Install, Deploy, Harden and Operate.
- Infra provisioning
- Unified experience
- On-premise and cloud
- Network Isolation, Audit and Logs
- Multi cluster aware
- Monitoring and Alerts
- Zero downtime upgrades

Red Hat Ceph Storage - Leverage the power of your Information Data Lake - on demand! - “CLOUDOOP”
Marc Sauter, Cloudera & Philip Morch, Cloudera

As data is exponentially growing in organizations, there is an increasing need to consolidate silos of information into a single source of truth, or ‘Data Lake’ to feed hungry Analytics and Machine Learning Engines that can gather insight at scale. Together with partners and Red Hat experts, we will show how you can use existing building blocks like Openstack, Openshift and "the Linux of storage systems" - Ceph - to overcome the issues with Multiple copies of datasets and Resource contention. This leads to massive reductions of capex and opex and at the same time improve your organizational efficiency.

Red Hat Ceph Storage - Leverage the power of your Information Data Lake - on demand! - “CLOUDOOP”
Julian Junge, Cloudera

Red Hat Ceph in combination with Openshift and/or Openstack can solve some of the biggest challenges with today's siloed architecture. Learn how you can provide your organization with a shared data experience as a “single source of truth” as well as spinning up new logical clusters with built in workload isolation when you need them. Get updated on how this can help you provide a data analytics workflow where different applications securely can access the same information without the need to copy anything. This session is for anyone involved in running things like Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Tensorflow and many other applications related to big data.

17:15 Beer, pizza and mingle with Red Hat


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